Contract Management

Better Connected have got expert analysts who can save you energy. We’ve also got the meticulous administrators who can save you time.

They’re the people who make sure your contract runs smoothly and your questions get answered thoroughly. To ensure you don’t waste your energy trying to save it, leave that to us.

Audits & Historical reporting:

Better Connected will give you audits throughout your contract term. If you want an audit at a certain date and a certain time, tell us when and where and we’ll get started right away.

We’ll validate historical billing rates, check all ‘unseen’ pass through charges and ensure the published tariffs selected when you set up the contract are kept for the duration of it. To keep your energy costs down your numbers always have to stack up.

Bill Justification & Reporting:

Understanding justifying and reporting is what bill justification is all about. Better Connected ensure that our customers always benefit from:

  • Simple bill explanation
  • A report that is easy to read and understand
  • The ability to request one or several reports for any given period
  • Budget reporting on use & potential savings
Better Connected Contract