When it comes to electricity we like to think we’re a pretty switched on bunch.

You’ll find our market analyst leaves nothing to chance, only starting a tender once he’s examined and investigated your individual needs, circumstances and procedures in real depth.

Of course, the deeper our knowledge, the bigger the opportunities to cut costs, as with the right information, we’ll be able to source and select the perfect tariff structure to suit your business.

At Better Connected, we deliver over 70% of electricity procurement in the form of annual fixed price contracts. With lots of different case studies showing how lots of different clients have made huge savings with our help, it’s a system and a service that always seems to get results.

Fixing your electricity can sometimes be the way forward.


Speculation and trading, supply and demand. It all adds up to an electricity market that can change in the flick of a switch.

So, fixed might not be everyone’s budget of choice, particularly if you’re a client with larger supply needs. It’s all about risk. We know that the risk of securing a large cash value contract in one day is a lot bigger than spreading the purchasing out into smaller packets.

At Better Connected, we weigh up all the odds, look at all the variables, take stock of the wider picture. We do this by using real time pricing information for all energy markets across the UK and Europe, and combining that with insight into other markets that influence energy prices such as oil and currencies.

While no stone is left unturned, no one person can predict with absolute certainty what the future holds. When trades are taking place in relevant markets and prices start to move, we’ve got the products in place to see the warning signs nice and early, which is nice and reassuring for all of our clients.

Better Connected Electricity