Over the years, gas has always been one of the world’s most changeable markets. So it’s good to know that you’ve got people managing your gas purchase that you can depend on. Experts that have seen all the trends, felt all the fluctuations and studied all the angles year after year after year.

Our experience certainly puts us in a strong position. Firstly it means that when we arrange a full open tender for your gas contract, we know the most reliable energy suppliers to approach. After that it means that when all the offers are on the table, we don’t just know who you should go with, we know how to negotiate the best rates and secure the best deal. It all comes from being Better Connected.


To secure an energy contract that really makes a difference, you need people working for you who think of everything. That describes our account managers.

They’ll provide accurate, interpreted energy market analysis and let you choose from a comprehensive range of products to help manage your flexible gas contract.

No hot air. Just expert advice from people who get gas.

Our Gas Flexi Product allows you to take active control of your supply by choosing between several options.

Option 1

Buy at a month ahead index, the index price is the average of daily ICE UK Natural Gas Settlement Prices for month published the month before delivery.

(You will need to communicate your choice to BC Consultants two months before the month of consumption).

Option 2

Buy at a market price in one or more transactions, up until an agreed date the month before consumption (Default Date).

Any Gas which has not been purchased at that date is bought automatically on your behalf at the default purchase price by BC Consultants.

You will benefit from:

  • Reduced Risk compared to one price setting point
  • Benefit from potentially lower prices in near term markets
  • Be responsive to market movements by fixing volumes close to the month of supply
  • Access to our market reports to support your decisions
  • Pay monthly prices reflecting the market price of gas
  • Ability to amend your consumption forecast

Option 3

Buy at the ICE 5 Index price. The ICE 5 index purchasing is an add on to the gas flexi or gas day ahead product and offers an additional option to purchase your gas volume.

Average of the last 5 daily ICE UK settlement prices for the month of supply published in the month before consumption. If you wish to buy at the ICE 5 index price, you must do so by an agreed date before the month of consumption (ICE 5 Default Date).

Sell back:

  • Offers additional flexibility to suit your purchasing strategy
  • You must inform BC Consultants by an agreed date the month before delivery (Default Date) stating the number of therms per day to be sold
  • You must have already purchased at least an equivalent volume for that month


20 November: 500,000 therms at 54.80 p/t = £274,000

17 November: 250,000 therms sold back at 56.05 p/t = -£140,125

12 November: 250,000 therms at 55.15 p/t + £137,875

3 November: 250,000 therms at 54.75 p/t = £136,875

1 November: 250,000 therms at 54.25 p/t = £135,625

Total Cost of all purchases: £544,250

Total Volume purchased: 1,000,000 therms

Volume weighted average price per therm = cost/volume = 54.42 p/therms

For more information contact our sales team on 0845 217 7525

Better Connected Gas