Water Services

Water Services

Addressing water consumption from both a cost reduction and legislative perspective.

We offer a range of services from water usage review, onsite surveys, and reduction implementation plans to tariff analysis and procurement negotiations and ongoing water data collection. Our collection of water services will ensure your usage of water is both efficient and cost effective.

Water AMR Data Collection

We provide remote collection of water consumption data; this will enable you to have a desktop review of your water portfolio. You will have full management of water supply company permissions with the provision, installation, and commission of a water logger. With these tools, we offer daily data collection of water consumption along with a visual display of consumption through our online portal.

Our water alerting services offer an ongoing review of unusual water usage, this is possible through proactive alert management, threshold analysis & analysis of alert triggers. This, in turn, allows for tariff optimization so that you may review and correct water bills. Our comprehensive approach includes the following:

  • Analysis of rateable values
  • Evaluation of meter size
  • Validation of sewage charges
  • Review of retail agreement
  • Tariff reviews

Procurement Services

We provide focused support on implementing a supplier, we establish your existing contractual position, determine your buying strategy, perform a full tender exercise, manage the exchange of contracts and ensure the agreed retail terms are applied.

We also assist customers with water conservation which reduces water wastage and ensures compliance and employee awareness. To do this we perform analysis of supply points and use data logging of water to verify flow profiles. We also review water using appliances, to complete leak detection.