Energy News

One in five business energy bills contain mistakes, from incorrect rates to meter reading errors.

That could be costing firms around £500 million on their energy bills due to errors and inaccuracies across the supply chain, according to new research.

Thousands of business energy invoices were analysed to find the most common errors and forecast the scale of the issue.

It revealed the retail and leisure sectors were most likely to be paying inaccurate charges – £200 million – due to their complex portfolio of sites with multiple meters and frequently changing tenants.

It found the public sector could be overpaying by £112 million, the property sector by £78.5 million and the manufacturing industry by around £65 million.

Capacity Market

Capacity Market Transitional Arrangement Auction

The Capacity Market is the Government’s main mechanism to ensure that the GB electricity system remains secure by ensuring sufficient reliable capacity is in place to meet demand. Here are the latest developments on the Transitional Arrangement Auction and the Capacity Market Consultation

Last week Government held the 2nd Transitional Arrangements (TA) Auction for ‘turn-down’ DSR. To find out the provisional results from last weeks auction and to read the article in full, visit our blog

Plus Net Fined £880,000

In light of the evidence and Plusnet’s admissions, Ofcom was satisfied that Plusnet seriously contravened GC 11.1 during the relevant period. It did so by overcharging 1,025 customers a total of £530,775.44 by rendering bills in respect of broadband and telephony services for amounts that did not represent and exceeded the true extent of the service actually provided to them.

Accordingly, Ofcom issued Plusnet with a Confirmation Decision under section 96C of the Act on 22 March 2017.